Georgian Wine Tour UK

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Join Henry and his team at the  Plumpton College wine department in Brighton, for an exciting tour of Georgian Qvevri wine making method, learn about 8,000 years of history and traditions.

How to book a tour date

  1. Select the number of persons in your group
  2. Choose your preferred date for the tour
  3. Select one of the tour times 12:00noon or 3:00pm
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The cost of the tour is  £25.00  per person. (minimum 6 persons per tour/maximum 15)
Limited places available – book early to avoid disappointment.

Georgian Wine Tour UK

Two tours every Saturday at 12:00 noon  and 3:00pm

You will see the process of Georgian winemaking in clay pots called  “Qvevri” which are buried in the ground and used for the wine fermenting process since ancient times; try first English Qvevri wines made in Plumpton as well as indigenous wines from Georgia.

Georgian Wine tour UK – What’s Included

  • Wine tasting experience – English and Georgian wines
  • Qvevri opening ceremony – Henry and his team open a Georgian qvevri to reveal the wine produced in Qvevri’s using ancient technology protected by UNESCO.
  • Watch and gain practical experience in the extraction, bottling and corking of the wine.
  • Finish the tour with wine tasting and delicious cheese and biscuits. 

This is the first ever in the UK, Georgian experience that you do not want to miss.

Group bookings available for minimum of persons or more

Note: To experience the qvevri opening ceremony there has to be  a minimum of 15 people on the tour day.


Georgian Wine Making

Georgian wine tours lets you experience the Georgian wine-making process from pressing the grapes to pouring the juice, grape skins, stalks and pips into the Qvevri. The Qvevri  is sealed sealed and buried in the ground so that the wine can ferment for five to six months before being it can be drunk. Most Georgian farmers and city people use this method of making Georgian wine.

Ancient Georgian method or wine-making in Georgia has been known as the country of grapes and wine. Traditional Georgian wine is not imaginable without using a qvevri.

The wine making technology of Georgia in its traditional form utilizes ancient methods reminiscent of other old world wine making cultures. The use of earthen amphorae placed in the ground for fermentation is a signature feature of Georgian winemaking. While traditional methodology is used widespread for the production of authentic Georgian wines, European methods are also employed, pending on varietals and blends, their respective regions, and the desired quantity of output.



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